TEX ATC is a UK-based niche engineering company operating in the aviation sector. World-renowned for our Air Traffic Control Rooms, we also provide specialist glazing solutions for civilian and military applications. We are based in Claydon, Ipswich (UK). 

Air Traffic Control Rooms

TEX ATC designs, manufactures and installs Air Traffic Control Rooms (ATCR) and Visual Control Rooms (VCR). Typically, we are employed by the Main Contractor and we develop the detailed design for the control tower room ensuring compliance and maximising the field of view. 

Notable projects include Bagram Airbase, Bangkok International, Manchester Airport (UK), Muscat International, RAF Coningsby, and RAFO Thumrait.

In addition to site-specific custom-built projects, we also supply the MV8 Series of standard air traffic control rooms. These are high-specification modular rooms, available in 3 sizes, and built to order.


Special Projects

We offer industry-leading expertise in the design, fabrication and installation of specialist radio frequency-blocking glazing for both civilian and military applications. Examples include the flying control rooms and ship windows and wiper systems for the Royal Navy Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers and India’s first home-built carrier, INS Vikrant. TEX ATC also provide design and materials to leading manufacturers of deployable infrastructure.

Specialist Glazing 

TEX ATC design, supply and install Tex Maxiview, the high-performance glazing system used for air traffic control rooms. 

Maxiview Tempest is our ultra-high specification glazing and winner of the BAE Systems Innovation Award for unique control room glass.

TEX ATC are the sole distributor outside the US for Pilkington Datastop™ glass with an “invisible” electrically conductive surface, specifically designed to give maximum electromagnetic shielding (electronic noise shielding/EMI/RF) for the purpose of preventing data theft/hacking and also where protection from electronic interference is essential.

LRQA Certified 

The Management System of TEX ATC has been approved by Lloyd's Register to ISO 9001:2015. The scope of this approval is applicable to the design, sub-contracted manufacture, project management of installation of air traffic control rooms (excluding building services), and glazing solutions for military and civilian applications.


Creativity, Skills and Experience

TEX ATC employ talented individuals with a wide variety of skills:

  • Architecture
  • Aviation management
  • Business development
  • CAD
  • Engineering
  • Field engineering
  • Glazing design
  • Project management
  • Quality control

Whatever your chosen discipline, TEX ATC welcomes your creativity, skills and experience, and provides formal training and learning. We are part of the TEX GROUP of UK-based manufacturing companies.


The TEX ATC Head Office and TEX GROUP manufacturing facilities are located at Claydon Business Park, Ipswich, UK. 


TEX A.T.C. LTD was founded in 1996. In the early years, the company focused on civilian airfield control rooms in the UK. Within 5 years the company had branched out to commercial airfields and military installations, and had completed their first overseas project in the UAE. 

In 2005, the company responded to the RAF's request for maximum field of view, maximum sound attenuation and resistance to blast. The research and development that followed established TEX's position at the forefront of air traffic control room design.

TEX SPECIAL PROJECTS LIMITED was founded in 2007. The company was commissioned to investigate the possibility of integrating a cantilevered pentagonal flying control room (FLYCO) for the HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier. The team that completed the FLYCO design and many other technically challenging projects, was lead by Mike McCarthy, a highly respected VCR and glazing designer.


TEX ATC is part of the TEX GROUP and has manufacturing facilities across five UK sites.

  • BSP-TEX manufactures piling and ground improvement equipment, and road maintenance machinery. The contracted manufacture division designs and manufactures custom trailers and utilities enclosures.
  • G&M EUROTEX provides bespoke containerised generators and engine refurbishment.
  • QK-TEX manufactures lightweight honeycomb panels.
  • TEX PLASTICS produce injection mouldings.
  • CAIGATE-TEX provides hybrid energy and smart microgrid solutions.


To exceed our customers’ expectations with high quality products through a motivated workforce, continuous improvement, innovation, and customer partnerships to achieve profitable growth.


To produce world class manufactured products and services that deliver total customer satisfaction.  


  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Loyalty
  • Teamwork