Mike McCarthy

Sadly, Mike passed away in August of 2017. He was a fantastic designer, highly professional, kind and fun to be around; he will be sorely missed.

Mike held the commercial and technical authority for Tex ATC Division (Tex ATC Services and Tex Special Projects), within the ownership umbrella of Tex Holdings plc. Mike created Tex Special Projects to support, investigate and deliver specialist niche solutions including military project requirements and applications.

Mike was a creative and highly respected product designer within the market sector and held a Bachelor of Arts degree (Honors) in Product Design and Marketing from Southampton University. Mike joined Tex ATC Division in April 2000 as a Design Engineer before attaining the role of Technical Director in 2007 and then Managing Director for the Division. Mike possessed a deep understanding of requirements for architectural, engineering, structural and design elements and successfully led the design and production team for 10 years. He had extensive experience in all aspects of Air Traffic Control Tower design and development and played a key role in the delivery of every Visual Control Room completed by Tex ATC Services since the Company was established.

Notably, Mike’s knowledge and experience of Air Traffic Control Rooms saw the appointment of Tex Special Projects by the Royal Navy to develop an innovative “FLYCO” steel and glazing solution for their Queen Elizabeth Class (QEC) Aircraft Carriers. This design project entailed testing and disparate requirements to address issues such as Electro Magnetic Engineering (EME), Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear, Noise, solar gain/wild heat, condensation, ship motions, impact resistance and signature. This afforded the end client a cutting edge, 21st Century operating room for superlative field of regard and ship air execution.

Mike assembled and led the collaborative design partnership that developed TEX Maxi View Tempest heated glazing, providing Tex with a unique glazing system that screens a very wide part of the EM spectrum in the Radar frequency band. This facilitates radar signature reduction by being radar opaque yet optically transparent. Additionally, it protects compartment occupants from RADHAZ. Mike won a BAE Systems Chairman’s Bronze Design Innovation Award for the QEC FLYCO glass in recognition.

As Managing Director, Mike was responsible for the end-to-end client contract and oversight of the overall delivery. He was able to call upon all of the extensive resources within the TEX Holdings group, to ensure that contracts were executed properly. He was passionate about good design and client satisfaction.

Thank you, Mike.