MV8 Programme

MV8 Series Air Traffic Control Rooms are our standard design, and are built-to-order. Allow approximately 16 weeks for manufacture and approximately 8 weeks for installation. 




  • Verified, compliant design
  • 16 weeks manufacture
  • Packed in shipping containers
  • Ex-works or shipped to port
  • 8 weeks installation

The steel structure of the MV8 is supplied in component form for lifting and site assembly. The curtain wall frames and roof panels are supplied as pre-assembled units.

The MV8 can be supplied as a kit with complete assembly instructions, or for an additional cost we can send one of our Project Managers to expedite the process. Work using local labour is to be undertaken by suitably trained competent professionals.

Depending on the project programme and the optional extras, a workforce of 4 can complete the installation in approximately 8 weeks, with specialist crane and glass manipulator operators as required.

See also Standard SpecificationOptional Extras, Installation Options, and Scope of WorkDownload MV8 Series brochure.