MV8 Scope of Work

The MV8 is a standard Air Traffic Control Room (Cab/Visual Control Room ), manufactured by TEX ATC. The tower or structure beneath the air traffic control room is outside our scope of work.



The MV8 is a standard modular air traffic control room designed and manufactured by TEX ATC. It is available in two common sizes and with various optional extras. Typically, our customer is the main contractor responsible for the design and construction of the tower or structure beneath the control room.

Included in our scope of work, is the design development necessary to interface with the tower or structure beneath the air traffic control room. The steel structure of the MV8 is bolted to the concrete or structural steelwork of the main contractor's structure, and we supply a steel template for locating the hold-down bolts.

Access to the air traffic control room is normally via a stairwell from the room beneath. The layout of the stairs is primarily established by the main contractor and is influenced by the field of view and operator positions. TEX ATC liaise with the main contractor to supply drawings of the room layout and floor design for approval. 

MV8s are supplied as a kit, complete with detailed assembly instructions. They are available ex works for collection or, for an additional cost, we ship to a port of your choosing. The MV8-30 is shipped in 3 x 40ft shipping containers.

Depending on VCR location, a TEX ATC Project Manager can oversee the installation as an optional extra. This option typically uses local plant and labour supplied by the main contractor.

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