MV8 Standard Specification

The MV8 Series is a range of standard modular air traffic control rooms, designed by TEX ATC and manufactured and supplied worldwide for rapid installation.



Included as standard

  • Double glazed panels
  • Solar blinds
  • Suspended ceiling
  • Lighting in ceiling including emergency lighting
  • Internal finishes 
  • Raised access floor
  • Carpet tiles
  • Upper walkway (roof)
  • Lightning protection
  • Obstruction light
  • Internal ladder access to roof
  • Abseil points and abseil frame
  • Roof panels finished in XL Forte Gull Grey
  • Curtain wall & cladding finished in RAL 7015 Slate Grey (30% gloss)

Combining the latest architectural concepts and regulations, the MV8 Series specification meets or exceeds all relevant British Standards, outperforms many bespoke designs and offers a comfortable, functional, safe and stylish working environment.   

All components have been specified to withstand demanding environmental conditions and therefore the MV8 series is not only universal for many locations but also extremely durable.

Two sizes are available. The smallest MV8-30 has a floor area of approximately 30m2 and the larger MV8-50 is approximately 50m2.


Feature MV8-30 MV8-50
Interior floor area 28.7 m² (309 ft²) 52.5 m² (565 ft²)
Number of operators Max. approx. 5 Max. approx. 9
Width at base 6.17 m (20 ft 3 in) 8.40 m (27 ft 7 in)
Floor-to-ceiling height 3.1 m (10 ft 2 in) 3.1 m (10 ft 2 in)
Total glass area 54.13 m² (583 ft²) 72.46 m² (780 ft²)
Ceiling area 50.42 m² (543 ft²) 80.49 m² (866 ft²)
Weight excluding optional lower walkway 23,000 kg (50,710 lb) 29,500 kg (65,040 lb)
Weight including optional lower walkway 27,000 kg (59,530 lb) 35,000 kg (77,162 lb)


To assist in the control of reflection, the internal finishes are appropriately angled and finished in matt black to ensure that they are not visible within the glazing. The acoustic ceiling is finished in matt black and all lighting and fittings are recessed to prevent any potential reflection.


Tower Building or Supporting Structure

The MV8 is our standard air traffic control room. Note that we do not currently construct or supply the tower building or supporting structure; TEX ATC supply the control room (cab) only. We supply optional extra consoles but we do not supply operator equipment. The MV8 is octagonal and can be constructed on a square or octagonal tower, or placed on the rooftop of an existing building subject to loading and connection details. Access to the contol room is via a stairwell from the floor below, and this can be situated anywhere on the floor plan to suit your tower building. Normally the stairwell is situated at the back of the room, behind the operators. We can assist resolving the floor plan. See also Optional Extras, Installation Options, Scope of Work and ProgrammeDownload MV8 Series brochure.


Steel Framework and Lower Walkway

The MV8 Series consists of an octagonal steel framework, assembled in situ and bolted to the concrete slab (or steel frame) of the building beneath. The ring beam supports 8 corner columns, roof beams and a central aperture. The aperture is utilised to gain access to the upper walkway and roof, via a retractable concertina ladder.

The lower ring beam can be fixed using either of two methods:

  • Steel-to-steel interface achieved through co-ordination with primary framework designer
  • Directly to a preformed concrete upstand/curb (constructed by others) to provide the supporting structure

The ring beam is located by a series of perimeter hold down bolts. The ring beam provides the interface point for the optional 360° cantilevered low-profile lower walkway that is integrated neatly within the design. The walkway is accessed via a hatch from the main VCR floor.


Curtain Wall
The glazing and cladding panels are retained within an architectural curtain wall system that minimises interruptions to the viewing area and provides clean aesthetical lines when viewed from outside.

The system is integrated into the portal steel structure at key load transfer points. These anchor points distribute changing forces and over-pressure through the steelwork as evenly as possible. The uniformity of the structure and method of connection help reduce any stress rises that occur when the structure is exposed to variations of high wind pressure.

Featuring 16 generously-sized trapezoidal glass panels, the MV8 glazing is inclined outwards at 15° to minimise glare and solar reflections. Upper and lower thermal cladding panels provide environmental and acoustic insulation.

The system also facilitates simple and rapid replacement of individual glazing panels in the unlikely event of a breakage.


Each face of the VCR contains two individual glazing panels. Double glazed panels are supplied as standard, and the specification for these includes a Parsol green glass layer and an argon-filled cavity. A second laminated layer includes a Polyvinyl Butyral interlayer.

The MV8 series can also be supplied with optional Tex Maxiview, heated, laminated glass. Maxiview glazing is tailored specifically to the required project to ensure optimum performance.

Glazing and frame components comply with BS/BS EN Standards or an approved internationally recognised equivalent. International standards are referenced where they either support the design intent or are relevant to the component’s country of manufacture. Glass and frames are designed for civilian and military visual control room application. Glass panels are compatible with Aldis lamps and NVG.


The upper and lower cladding systems are comprised of composite aluminium panels with integral insulation providing thermal and acoustic attenuation properties suitable for an airport environment. The curtain wall system allows for panels to be replaced quickly and at minimal cost.


The roof is composed of triangular decking sub-assemblies.

Access to the roof is achieved through a ceiling-mounted hatch with integral retractable concertina ladder. An intermediate ladder in the roof void leads to a roof access hatch that is supplied complete with a ladder safety post.

The roof includes a central upper walkway with a safety balustrade system. Eight swan neck posts are incorporated into the balustrade design to facilitate antenna mounting and cable management.

The VCR comes supplied with one low-intensity LED obstruction light that is compliant with CAA and FAA regulations.


Lightning Protection
The MV8 VCR is provided with a lightning protection system. It is the client’s responsibility to define and supply the correct earth rod/inspection pits for the environment in which the tower is sited.


Internal Finishes
To assist in the control of reflection and to provide a safe working environment, the internal finishes are appropriately angled and finished to ensure that they are not reflected within the glazing. The acoustic suspended ceiling is finished in matt black and all lights and fittings are recessed. MV8s are supplied with dimmable downlights that can be grouped and controlled as required. We recommend that additional swan-neck LED task lights are mounted to consoles to reduce the potential of reflection within the VCR glass at night.

A raised floor and anti-static carpet tiles are provided as standard. Operator console desks and other furniture are not included as standard.


Solar Blinds
Manually operated solar control blinds are provided as standard and electrically operated blinds are available as an optional extra. The blinds run in parallel with the glazing, improve optical clarity and reduce internal reflections.


Air Conditioning
The MV8 Series is designed to accommodate HVAC systems. Mechanical and electrical services are channelled through the floor and ceiling space.


More Information
See also Optional Extras, Installation Options, Scope of Work and ProgrammeDownload MV8 Series brochure.