International Women in Engineering Day, 23rd June ‘19


Danielle Hele, Project Engineer.

“My passion for both design and technology led me naturally into my career in Engineering. It enables me to be involved in many stages of product development and achieve a balance between creative and technical design. I have always been interested in the generation of new concepts but, for me, they need to be tangible and achievable. As an engineer I like to understand how these ideas can be realised and continually develop them to achieve the best solution. My role as Project Engineer at Tex ATC allows me to do this and I thoroughly enjoy working here. It is a friendly Company, our projects are interesting and unique and we are continually developing ideas to improve our products and service.”

Established in 1996, Tex ATC Division are the world-renowned supplier of air traffic control rooms, VCR refurbishment, and bespoke structural, engineering and glazing system solutions for military and civilian applications. Projects include flying control rooms for the Royal Navy Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers, glazing and ancillaries for India’s first aircraft carrier, Muscat International air traffic control room – the city’s tallest building – and the Tex MV8 Series modular/prefabricated air traffic control rooms.

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