Bagram Airbase, Afghanistan

TEX ATC had previously fulfilled the Visual Control Room (VCR) at RAF Mildenhall and were approached to deliver a similar US military design for Bagram VCR in 2007.



Full turnkey package

  • Year: 2007
  • Height: 25m
  • Shape: Hexagonal
  • Floor Area: 43m²
  • Scope: Air traffic control room

Working in collaboration with the US Corps of Engineers and Contrack International, TEX ATC developed a 6-sided variant of our MV8 Series employing the specific end user design requirements. TEX ATC co-ordinated between the UK, US and Afghanistan to deliver a fully integrated VCR solution.

The VCR comprised a portal steel framework, based around 6 columns, and was designed to address the environmental and seismic criteria of the region without compromising field of view. The VCR has a useable floor area of 40sqm with glass designed to attenuate noise from the F-15 aircraft and A-10 Tank busters assigned to the airfield.

The low maintenance design of the TEX ATC VCR reduces upkeep tasks, enabling the client to focus upon the challenging operations inherent with this locality.

Incoming Taliban mortar shells were an extra hazard that TEX ATC employees had to contend with and were deployed in field conditions with the military engineers.