Manchester Airport, UK

TEX ATC’s construction of the state of the art new control room at Manchester Airport began in the late summer of 2012 and completed in early 2013. The impressive control room is Britain’s second tallest after Heathrow Airport.



360 degrees of uninterrupted vision

  • Year: 2013
  • Scope: Air traffic control room
  • Height: 60m
  • Shape: Icosagon
  • Floor Area: 58m²

The control room was designed specifically to ensure that the controllers have the best possible view of both of the runways and of the airport complex.

The VCR offers an excellent panoramic field of view, allowing the controllers clear line of sight as far West as the mountains of Snowdonia and Eastwards to the Pennines.

The key to the exceptional field of view is the use of TEX ATC’s Maxiview trapezoidal glass panes. The bespoke design and technical specification of this glass allows our design team to produce a control room that is functional, practical and aesthetically pleasing.

TEX delivered a full turnkey package including design, steel frame, glazing and interior finishes. A total of 20 laminated glass panels were fitted, and these included acoustic interlayers, body tinted glass and heating elements. The design benefitted from minimal structural posts and bespoke butt-jointed glazing.