Maxiview Tempest Glazing

Maxiview Tempest from TEX ATC is ultra-high specification glazing with the added benefits of blast/impact resistance and electromagnetic shielding (EMI/RF). Winner of the BAE Systems Innovation Award for unique control room glass.



Ultra-high specification glazing

  • Control room glass
  • Blast/impact resistance
  • Electromagnetic shielding (EMI/RF)
  • Multi-part laminate
  • Configurable
  • Heated glazing solution
  • Body tinted option
  • Chemically toughened

Maxiview Tempest is a multi-part laminate comprising an outer layer of green-tinted glass, numerous inner layers of clear glass, inter-layers of reinforcing and shielding materials, and ultra-fine heating elements for demisting and removing condensation. The heating elements are thermostatically controlled and supplied complete with digital controllers.


Maxiview Tempest is chemically toughened to ensure against thermal shock and to assure adequate glass performance at the specified design loads. Numerous factors are configured, such as optical clarity, light transmittance, outdoor reflectance, indoor reflectance, UV transmittance, absorption, solar control, shading coefficient, U-value, acoustic attenuation, thermal insulation, power consumption and heat performance.