Ship Windows

TEX ATC are a leading supplier of high-specification ship windows, including window washers, wipers, heated glass and solar blinds.



Ship window properties

  • Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defence
  • Electromagnetic shielding (EMI/RF)
  • Exceptional sound attenuation
  • Heating (deicing/demisting)
  • Impact resistance
  • Bespoke laminations
  • Large/over-sized window specialist
  • Outstanding optical clarity
  • Solar Blinds
  • Turnkey and bespoke solutions
  • UV reduction and controlled solar transmission
  • Window washing system
  • Wipers
  • ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Assurance

Various shielding and attenuation properties may be specified according to your requirements. Recent high profile contracts include glazing for the Queen Elizabeth-Class aircraft carriers and INS Vikrant.


Tex Maxiview Tempest glazing and wiper technology defy the most extreme conditions and offer unparalleled visibility for confident, split-second decision making.

TEX ATC were awarded the BAE Systems Bronze Design Award for their contribution to technological advances in glazing for the maritime environment.